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It's a beautiful day at Fountain Blue


It starts with sunshine (usually)

It’s yet another beautiful day at Fountain Blue. Residents receive their courtesy wake-up calls inviting them to a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Local news, along with hundreds of other channels, is available at their fingertips on the newly installed large-screen TVs.

8:00 TO 9:00 AM

Breakfast is served in the redecorated dining rooms; residents can also request room service. Food choices include scrambled, hardboiled or fried eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, pancakes, sweet rolls, warm oatmeal, and cream of wheat.

8:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Residents are engaged in different types of stimulating activities, ranging from bible study to board games to trivia to wheel of fortune and more. At the same time, daily housekeeping refreshes and reorganizes residents’ spacious, clean, and homey rooms.

12:00 TO 1:00 PM

A large lunch is served. Residents enjoy delicious dishes such as country-fried chicken, Texas-style potatoes, green beans, banana cream pie, roast pork loin, citrus seasoned fish filet, strawberry shortcake and more. Family members join in on birthday celebrations.

1:00 TO 4:00 PM

A combination of therapy and entertainment is provided. Residents enjoy the beautiful courtyards and greenhouse-themed atrium, and can choose to soak in sunlight, go for a walk, and participate in independent activity projects.

5:45 TO 6:45 PM

Like breakfast and lunch, dinner is prepared fresh daily by our private chefs in our onsite kitchen. Foods are offered on the lighter side to ease digestion later in the day. Choices include lasagna, salads, pasta, chilled fruits, beef Florentine, and many more delicacies.

7:00 TO 8:15 PM

It’s time for more exciting activities and diverse entertainment. Movies, TV sports, bingo, pet therapy, and music therapy are available to all residents. Periodically, original music acts and local school groups visit to entertain and uplift resident spirits.


Cookies, cheeses, crackers, half sandwiches, coffee, iced tea, water and other drinks are available any time of the day. Residents also enjoy laundry services, computer stations, free facility-wide Wi-Fi, phone and Internet service in each room, and a fully stocked library. No comfort or convenience is more than a request away.

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